The video of the death boy in Cd. Juarez.

Posted on 10 junio, 2010


This is the video that has not been published in the US. The scene shows four mexican boys and a police of the US. One of the teens was killed by the police.

The video was taken on the mexican side of the border.

In the video it is possible to see that only one of the four boys crosses the border, the police is passing by and stops to follow the boy. When the police crosses the fence, he is in front of four instead of one boy.

He runs, throughs his bike in the middle of the river, takes out his gun, grabs one of the kids and throws him on the floor while pulling him around. The other teens run in different directions.

A voice is heard from the persons taking the video. They say that the teens were throwing rocks against the police, although they are more than 10 meters away from him.

Gun shots are heard. Two boys start running. One stays behind a wall under the bridge.

Then a final shot is heard and afterwards it is possible to see someone lying on the floor.

A man in a blue shirt starts walking towards the police with his hands in the air. Insults are heard in the video.

Then the mexican police arrives. People are shouting that the teens were on the mexican side of the border. The people shout that the teens were shot on the mexican side of the border.

The teen had a shot on the head, this was the cause of his dead.

The teen was 14 years old.